Koh Kood Resort during the low season

In the old days, the entire island of Koh Kood would basically close down for the raining season between June and mid October and the speedboat and ferry companies did not run during those months. However, these last few years at least one of the koh kood boat companies has been carrying passengers to Koh Kood on a daily basis during the low season as well.

This resulted in the Koh Kood Resort being able to keep it's doors open the entire year! The mostly likely customers during this period will be weekend trippers from Bangkok and other parts of Thailand and foreign guests that really appreciate peace, quiet and privacy. Remember though: only one or two boats per day will run between Koh Kood's Ao Salat harbor and the Laem Sok pier on the mainland near Trat during these months. Worries about getting stuck due to extreme weather conditions haven't been warrented, since the weather has been excellent until well in September for at least 5 "summers" in a row now. Actually, many of our guests have stated that to them it was best to visit the Koh Kood Resort in the months of July and August, when it's often possible to have the entire beach and / or sea to oneself! Quite often it's even possible to spend several hours alone in the waterfall.

Sunshine and dark clouds during the rainseason on Ko Kood

Unlike in the details written on our getting to Koh Kood page, there will only be one fast ferry departure per day from early June until the beginning of October, which is the Ko Kut Express fast ferry service . This fully air-conditioned ferry carries passengers from the main pier in Laem Sok to the main pier on Koh Kood only. It can not stop in other locations, so from there you will be carried by what are called Song-Teaw, another word for to taxi converted pick up trucks, to the Koh Kood Resort. If you plan on arriving to Trat to by bus, please note that you will need to be on one of the first buses out of Bangkok (06:15-07:00) to make it on time for the 12:00-ish shuttle to the Laem Sok pier, which starts from Trat's city center. If you arrive by airplane, you will need to be on the first flight and probably book a private taxi from Trat Airport to the Laem Sok pier to get there the day same day

Also know that at least one of our sister resorts in the same bay will most likely be closed during some rain season months, so your stay may be somewhat of a solitary experience as there may not be any, or very few, other guests nearby. Between the sea, possible snorkeling or waterfall trips, the bungalow, the restaurant and lounge areas with it's skeleton staff, and a good book, you probably won't get to see or do much else. On the upside: the layout of our Bang Boa Bay protects swimmers and kayakers from possible dangerous weather and / or sea conditions that will affect other, less protected, beaches on Koh Kood and Koh Chang. We also expect to be able to run air conditioners and the internet 24 hours per day now that there is a seacable providing elelctricity to Koh Kood island.

So most travellers that care about enjoying the beautiful nature of a solitairy tropical island but are not that interested in finding new friends on the beach or the next bungalow, will certainly appreciate the beauty, peace and quite of a stay during the green season. Those that prefer more entertainment and enjoy shopping and eating out every night, may find Koh Chang a better match during this time of the year.